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Max Powuh Productivity Program for Digital Marketers

Consider Adding the MPPP program to your order for +$77

If you become more valuable, you create more value in your business...

With the MPPP course, I believe you can...

  1. Improve your own personal productivity
  2. Improve the productivity of your team
  3. Improve your overall business systems

I have a unique perspective on efficiencies of human systems and I think many of these concepts will be (a) easy for you to understand, (b) be immediately usable, and (c) something you've not heard  before.

"David is a master of productivity. This is a steal.  Grab it ASAP..." Jamaal W


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This course includes all the Maps SEO techniques that I use for my own websites and that of my clients.


My business is 100% centered around SEO and about 80% of the SEO projects I work on involve ranking a Google My Business page...


...I realized this about 2-3 years ago and have been heavily focused on growing my Local SEO skills since then.


In other words, local SEO growth has an amplifying effect on almost my whole business.


So, I've studied from others and tested my own ideas as well as the ideas & techniques of others...


...and the result of that testing and playing and brainstorming and documenting and frustration and exhileration is this course.



What You Get Access To


Happy Holidays bro. I just wanted to say thanks for all the solid training yuo have done and created. It has helped grow my business immensely over the last year and a half. -- Max J

I highly recommend David's system to anyone who has an SEO Agency or who would like to implement better structure and organization into their existing agency. Last year I purchased another SEO Agency 10x the price of David's course! That other course was created by a well-known, successful former agency owner. It was complete junk. There was absolutely none of the detailed actionable content that David includes in his course. David's course is a treasure of valuable knowledge that would benefit anyone who wants to build a successful SEO business. -- Doug M.

David Hood has been a great mentor and friend to me, providing what I consider as some of the highest level information available in the internet marketing space. I highl recommend his materials to anybody... -- Michael P

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